Yoga for breastfeeding



The early weeks of having a baby can be a killer on the upper body with the constant carrying, feeding and rocking.  We have designed the following yoga flow to relieve pains associated with feeding and carrying a newborn, to reduce anxiety and to promote relaxation. These gentle stretches were a lifesaver for me in the early weeks.

This yoga sequence can be done in any order, as separate poses or as a whole and whenever required. It can be used as soon as you feel like you need it after birth with the exception of those noted.

The movements help to target the neck muscles commonly aggravated such as the upper trapezius, scalenes and cervical extensors, the back muscles including the the erector spinae, quadratus lumborum, pectoral muscles and arm muscles including your triceps and latissimus dorsi.

It is slow and restorative, promotes relaxation and aims to reduce anxiety. Hold each pose for as long as your body needs and move slowly in between the poses. If you’ve had a C-section you want to avoid stretching the stomach for six weeks until the scar has healed – please modify melting heart and cat cow as suggested.

Hannah Barrett: Yoga Instructor, Author and Postnatal Health & Fitness Specialist. Strength Through Yoga is available for £39.99 at