Weaning Week – Nuby and Piccolo partner to encourage a greener weaning experience


UK baby brands, Nuby and Piccolo, partner up for Weaning Week 2021 to offer eco-friendly weaning products and advice to parents.

Taking place from 3 – 9 May 2021, Weaning Week brings together experts, brands and real families to offer help and support to make weaning as easy as possible.

Throughout the week, Nuby and Piccolo are set to run a special Instagram competition to giveaway x5 greener weaning bundles to parents.

The brands are also offering limited edition ultimate weaning bundles which contain Nuby’s new eco-tableware range and a bundle of Piccolo’s organic baby food.

Nuby’s new eco-tableware range includes cutlery, a section plate, bowl and drinking tumbler. It is made of earth-friendly rice husk material, a natural by-product of rice farming, and comes in a cute frog design.

The tableware has been designed to make it as easy as possible for parents to choose a greener tableware option for weaning, while being affordable, dishwasher and microwave safe, as well as BPA free.

Piccolo’s organic fruit and veg pouches are packed full of quality ingredients, perfect for weaning babies. Striking the balance between trying a new flavour enough times and getting a good variety of different vegetables is key when introducing new foods.

The weaning bundles therefore contain four different Piccolo pouches, including best-selling flavours Banana, Coconut & Baby Rice and Courgette, Pea and Leek.

To celebrate Weaning Week, the bundle will be available at an exclusive price for that week only.

Helen Curran, Head of Marketing at Nuby, said; “We’re delighted to partner with organic baby food brand, Piccolo, for Weaning Week 2021.

“Our shared family values and focus on developing more sustainable and eco-friendly products brought us together to create a strong partnership.

“We know there’s a big consumer appetite for more sustainable products and we’re proud to offer parents a greener weaning experience.”

Cat Gazzoli, Founder of Piccolo, said: “As a mum of two myself, I know that weaning can be tricky – every baby is different and so is every weaning adventure. We want to help other parents where we can, and our partnership with Nuby this Weaning Week has allowed us to do just that!

“Sustainable living is a key pillar for Piccolo so it was important for us to team up with a brand which shares our values. We’re so proud to be offering parents an easier, greener way to wean with our new weaning bundles that have everything you need in one box.”

The Weaning Week team comments, “Weaning Week has seen a surge in interest since we started the campaign four years ago. Each year we have added more advice and recipes, and the launch of the awards and live workshops last year proved really popular. 

“For 2021, we are widening our reach not just for the week, but aim to keep the weaning and feeding conversation going all year round with our new interactive website, Weaning World, which will cover live workshops, advice, recipes, a new weaning shop and forum. 

“We are proud to be partnering with a number of brands this year including Nuby, as well as experts and parents.”

To find out more, visit the Nuby website or the Piccolo website.