Vionic – these boots are made for walking

As Autumn is upon us with a chill in the air and leaves on the ground, we’re left bereft that our sandals and flip flops are banished away until next Spring. It is a good excuse to clear out and make way for new shoes and boots to welcome winter.  As a busy mum of two, I’m always rushing about and never think about my footwear or posture. I put up with ill-fitting footwear without really thinking about it. That is, until now, as I’ve discovered the most comfortable footwear brand, Vionic,  and I’m learning that when it comes to footwear, it doesn’t have to hurt!

Delving deeper into the brand ethos, I learn that Vionic footwear actively supports the foot from the ground up because our feet were designed to walk on soft natural elements like soil and sand and not hard, man-made surfaces like concrete and brick. Vionic footwear aligns science and style by building in their own orthotic technology into every pair, really helping heel, knee and low back pain.

I ordered the Serena Ankle Boots in black kid suede in a 5.5 (so glad they do half sizes as I find a 5 pinches and a 6 is too loose) and I genuinely noticed a difference as soon as I put these boots on. The boots have a low heel, side zipper with a tassel and seam piping.

As your foot slips into the boot, you instantly feel it’s encased. You can feel your toes spread out gently as there’s enough room without them being squashed. As your heels come down, you feel they are softly cushioned in a specially designed heel cup but the biggest thing I felt was that my arches were supported. The boots have inbuilt orthotics and I can’t tell you enough how good this feels! I’ve got a calf muscle injury at the moment and have sporadic back and neck pain but as I walk in these boots, I feel as if the boot is really making me walk straighter, taller and generally better!


Comfy new Vionic boots at work

I feel that my feet are more supported in these boots than any other footwear I’ve ever worn. At work tapping away on my laptop, I feel like I’m not even wearing any footwear!

Roll on the school run, as these boots really are made for walking and look so stylish too and I’m sure they’re helping me walk in a better way.

Back to school doing the school run

The way they hug my feet brings me absolute joy and bliss and I can’t take them off! I’ve now got my eye on a pair of Leopard Midi’s and my husband is going to check out the men’s shoes too!

Vionic Leopard Midi


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Liz Pilgrim