Vicki Renz of Oh My Mama Body Launches Mama Time Webinar

Vicki Renz of Oh My Mama Body, a platform supporting pregnancy, postpartum and miscarriage topics, has launched Mama Time. A free weekly webinar, for which registration details can be found below, for pregnant women and new mums to ask their questions directly to a midwife. Mama Time provides women with concise answers to highly sought after questions.

Mama Time strives for the wellbeing of pregnant women and new mums in a time of isolation due to COVID19.  Recent statistics during the COVID19 pandemic found that 44% of pregnant women report loneliness and missing contact with friends*. Mama Time includes a networking forum for mums to chat and make friends.

A recent poll carried out by Oh My Mama Body in her community showed that women spend 75% of their spare time online. Many searches taking them down a rabbit warren of related information instead of answering their questions directly. With qualified midwives and carefully selected guest speakers, Mama Time provides expert advice and direct answers to questions.

Vicki said, “I became acutely aware that women get more stressed when they cannot find the answers to their questions quickly. With the increased pressure of stress of a probable “second wave”, I realised it was time to find a solution and grew the idea into fruition.”

She continued “all women deserve to enjoy pregnancy, birth and postpartum. It is increasingly important to create a positive experience, especially with so many women suffering from anxiety and postnatal depression. By removing fears during pregnancy, Vicki believes she can help many women to reduce stress and anxiety and to feel happy in themselves”.

Vicki’s “Oh My Mama Body” YouTube channel is growing fast and on its way to 3000 subscribers. Her video “12 Little Known Very Early Pregnancy Symptoms”  hit 250,000 views in June. In response to hundreds of comments, Vicki produced a related video “Homemade Pregnancy Tests” which grew to over 10,000 views.

Feedback from women such as “finally an authentic channel which gives clear and concise information”, inspired Vicki to grow the Oh My Mama Body platform. As an online expert, Vicki created the platform, in the form of webinars and related Facebook groups. The platform uses her own knowledge and experiences and is supported by qualified professionals.

One of the main wishes for Vicki with Oh My Mama Body is that with knowledge, women can enjoy their pregnancies and precious times with their newborns. By creating a platform solely around the answers to symptoms women are experiencing, Vicki believes she can save precious time and improve positivity for pregnant women and new mums.

Vicki has already had hundreds of people sign up to the Mama Matters webinar, a popular choice for pregnant women during a pandemic. Mama Time is one of the many components of the new platform “Oh My Mama Body” which Vicki has been working hard to put into place. This new platform has an authentic approach to supporting women in all areas of bodily changes during pregnancy, postpartum and miscarriage.

Oh My Mama Body cares about each and every woman, nurturing them and guiding them to feel positive and empowered in their individual journeys to motherhood.

Sign up for the free webinars here: