Rowdy Kind, the UK’s first zero waste skincare brand for kids has launched a wide range of products for kids’ bath time.

Each bar equates to two 250ml bottles of regular shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, or moisturiser. Just one gram of the bar is the same as one tablespoon of regular product, making it much less wasteful in addition to being plastic free.

With research showing almost three quarters (72%) of parents have been reprimanded by their children for unsustainable practices, Rowdy Kind knew that children’s bath products are one of the worst culprits and wanted to develop a range that is not only eco-friendly but also suitable for children. The company itself was born after co-founder Kate Tilbury’s son asked her for a better, more ecological bathtime solution.  When they couldn’t find anything suitable they decided they’d have to make it themselves!  Today Rowdy Kind consists of a full range of bodycare products for kids available online on and 50+ independent stores throughout the UK.

Hair & Everywhere Bars

Hair & Everywhere Bars are a convenient, all in one shampoo and body bar. They are free of palm oil, sulphates, parabens, and polyethylene glycols (PEGs). The bars are designed to tackle dirt whilst still being gentle on skin. Simply use the bar on your child from hair to toes (or they can do it themselves!), then just rinse like a traditional liquid.  

  • Absolutely WILD-Berry Hair & Everywhere Bar: a colourful purple and green bar with funky swirls and a cherry-berry scent.
  • Orange You Awesome Hair & Everywhere Bar: bright and sunny swirls 
  • Just Plain Cheeky Hair & Everywhere Bar:  an extra-gentle formula, with no colours or fragrances so it is safe for even the most delicate skin.
  • Oat of Control Hair & Everywhere Bar: contains real oats to gently exfoliate extra-tough grime to leave a nourishing, lemony scent that gets growing skin glowing.
  • Priced at £10.00 for an 85g bar.

Hair Care Bars

If your child’s hair requires a little more TLC (for example long, naturally knotty or curly hair), Rowdy Kind also has a range of shampoo and conditioner bars containing helpful ingredients to help tame those tresses. Free of sulphates, parabens, and PEGs, they are also formulated to be much gentler on children’s hair and scalps than market leading versions of hair care bars designed for adults.

  • Little Naughty, Never Knotty Shampoo Bar: A raspberry scented shampoo bar that gently nourishes and detangles; just wet, lather and massage into kids’ locks. The bar contains provitamin B5 and EcoSilk to soften and smooth hair.  £10.00 for an 85g bar 
  • Man-GO with the Flow Conditioner Bar: Perfect for kids who struggle with knotty hair, this conditioner bar is neither greasy or heavy, made specifically for kids with coconut oil and mango butter to moisturise and detangle locks. Simply wet and massage into hair after using Rowdy Kind Shampoo or Hair & Everywhere bars. £10.00 for an 80g bar 


Bath & Body Care Bars

  • Coco-Nutty Skin Balm: a great alternative to liquid moisturiser that can leave kids’ skin sticky and uncomfortable, this body balm bar goes on ‘dry.’ With nourishing coconut oil and cocoa butter, it keeps kids’ skin baby soft, even if they are growing up!£10.00 for a 70g bar.


There are also useful, aluminum tins available for purchase to keep your bars stored safely when not in use, along with other accessories to complete your plastic free bath time.

Kate Tilbury, co-founder of Rowdy Kind: “We are delighted to launch our range of zero waste skin & hair care for kids. What lots of people don’t realise is that children need specially formulated bath products for their hair and skin. Adult versions of these kinds of products do exist but they can irritate children’s skin. Rowdy Kind’s range is gentle on skin whilst being tough on dirt and grubbiness!”

“We’ve also taken special care to make sure the entire Rowdy Kind experience is 100% plastic free, but beyond that we’ve kept all packaging to the absolute minimum required to ship it to your home. We know so many people don’t actually recycle products used in the bathroom as separating the rubbish is too much hassle, so our objective was to remove that element all together.

“Rowdy Kind presents a total solution for a kid-friendly bath time, with as minimal impact to the planet as possible.”

Rowdy Kind products are available and prices start from £8 for bars and £4 for accessories.