Treat your little one like a royal with JOHNSON’S®

Now that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have welcomed Archie into the world, JOHNSON’S®, the UK’s number one baby brand, would like to welcome the youngest Royal too.

With 125 years of heritage looking after babies, JOHNSON’S® truly understands how to give every little one the royal treatment. This year particularly, the JOHNSON’S® portfolio has been changed inside and out to ensure it’s as gentle and effective as possible and that parents can feel confident using each and every one of them on their little highness.


The JOHNSON’S® original products, including Baby Lotion and Baby Shampoo, have been caring for baby skin for generations and have now been reformulated to meet the needs of the modern parent without losing the nostalgic scent associated with babies.

Over 400 ingredients have been removed from the range globally including sulphates and dyes, and the paraben-free products contain more than 90% naturally derived ingredients for gentle but effective bathing, cleansing and caring.

“However prepared I thought I was, when my first baby was born, it felt like the whole world turned upside down. Suddenly I felt I needed to be an expert in everything: how to best hold my baby, how to sleep safely, how to successfully breastfeed. Everything took on a huge magnitude of importance that was overwhelming. 

At a time when you question yourself a million times a day, something as simple as a smell can bring a tide of reassurance. The familiar smell of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo took me back to my own childhood and was a much-needed reminder that generations have done this before me, generations will continue after me, and everything would be absolutely fine. 

I trusted Johnson’s back then because it was something I knew, but now I’ve had the opportunity to work with them closer, I have the scientific knowledge to know my trust and confidence that they have my baby’s best interests at heart were spot on.” – Holly Hancock, Holly Made Life.


JOHNSON’S® has worked with 26,000 parents to identify and adapt to the ever-changing parental landscape and provide only the best for your baby, because they believe that every little one deserves the royal treatment.