Top tips to Get Back Into Shape Post-baby

The thought of exercise after giving birth may seem quite daunting but if you feel ready, been cleared by your GP and you want to start breaking a sweat, making sure it’s safe and beneficial for your body is a must.

Follow these four simple tips from MAMAWELL and see yourself getting back into shape post-pregnancy:


  • Rediscover your core: Transverse Abdominis breathing – Lying flat on your back with your knees bent, inhale deeply and on the exhale engage the deep core muscles that run round the entirety of your trunk. This breathing starts to re-engage the core, strengthening it from the inside – helping with posture and tone.


  • Go for the squeeze: Pelvic Floor exercises – again lying on your back with knees bent. The activation of the pelvic floor is very necessary postpartum, and you can start from a few weeks after birth. Just squeeze the pelvic floor area (as if you are trying to stop yourself urinating) and hold it for a slow count of 5 before releasing. This can be done little and often, and is really beneficial.


  • Find a class: If possible, find a dedicated postnatal class where you can bring your baby. You will meet like-minded mums in the same position as you who are ready to listen, support and give you extra energy. A specialist class will also allow time to focus on postnatal ‘issues’ such as pelvic floor, abdominal separation (diastasis recti), lower back pain, upper back rounding (kyphosis) plus cardio and strength work that is safe for the postnatal body.


MAMAWELL was established by new mum Rosie to help build a community of mothers who want to get fit and strong for themselves and their babies. Passionate about respecting the journey the body has gone through in childbirth, MAMAWELL encourages you to embrace your new body at every stage during pregnancy and beyond as well as helping you set long-term fitness goals that are achievable and enjoyable.



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