Tommee Tippee launch The Boob Life

Tommee Tippee has launched The Boob Life, featuring real-life mums and their babies, it’s an unapologetic celebration of these women, their bodies and their choices, acting as an open pledge to support every parent through every second of their feeding journey – whenever, wherever and however they may choose. Here to make a stand, The Boob Life affirms that there is no ‘one size fits all’ in parenting and seeks to give mum the confidence to do what’s right for her.

New global research commissioned by Tommee Tippee revealed that a staggering 93% of mothers felt their mental, physical and emotional struggles with feeding had gone unacknowledged. With continued debate around breastfeeding in public spaces or social media platforms, it’s no surprise that only 1 in 10 young mums said they felt comfortable breastfeeding in public; almost a quarter even felt embarrassed to feed in front of their own friends, yet alone elsewhere!

Fuelled by these results, Tommee Tippee is set on bringing feeding to the fore. Launching on 2nd March, Spill the Milk, a unique six-part digital content series hosted on Tommee Tippee’s Instagram, will follow The Boob Life, hosting conversations with these real women on their experiences of feeding and motherhood. A relaxed and honest account of their stories; think spilling the milk on all the gritty details no one talks about – from difficulties with latching and milky stains on t-shirts to coping with feelings of judgement and failure.

Justine Roberts, Founder and CEO of Mumsnet, showed support and solidarity with the campaign, commenting:

Feeding babies can arouse all sorts of emotions: bliss and sadness, pride and frustration, relaxation and exhaustion. This film captures all that and more. It doesn’t show the sanitised version of feeding that we’ve come to expect from ads, TV and film; it shows feeding all in its unvarnished glory, from wet t-shirts, painful nipples and full-force toddler latches to midnight bottle-juggling and sleepy dads. It celebrates breastfeeding as it really is and dispels the frankly weird expectation that it should be done ‘discreetly’ and without any hiccups, which can leave many thinking that they must be ‘doing it wrong’. Hats off to Tommee Tippee for bucking the trend and celebrating feeding babies for what it is.”

Nicola Wallace, UK Marketing Manager at Tommee Tippee, says of the campaign:

“Nine months are spent preparing to give birth, but that’s just one small moment in this miraculous journey; there’s also everything that comes after and “the boob life” hopes to capture just a small part of that. Mums told us that they often lost confidence after giving birth, in themselves and their bodies – so we wanted to create a campaign that celebrates every mum; her amazing body, her amazing family and amazing “self” too. Every woman and her journey is unique and so Tommee Tippee wants to support that and reassure all parents that we’ve got their back – and boobs – covered.”

Boobs come in all shapes and sizes; sometimes overflowing, empty, blistered or bouncy, and so Tommee Tippee’s Made for Me range is designed to suit every need. Choose from custom size Disposable Breast Pads to a soothing, all-natural Nipple Cream. The new high-tech Double Electric Breast Pump makes expressing on the go a breeze, while the Complete Breastfeeding Starter Kit covers all bases.

A bold, beautiful and uncensored campaign, The Boob Life hopes to help normalise the reality of feeding, break down barriers, and providing mums with the information and inspiration to embark on their feeding journey more positively. Boobs, pads, bottles or pumps – wherever, however, whenever you choose to feed, Made for Me, is made for mums like you.

All Made for Me products are available from the tommee tippee® website ( and selected retailers nationwide. Find out more about The Boob Life and watch the campaign video here: