Boob launches Emma Elwin Collection

Swedish maternity brand Boob launches, in exclusive partnership with stylist Emma Elwin, a collection entitled: Emma Elwin x Boob. This capsule collection consists of four timeless garments made of sustainable materials with smart dual functionality for pregnancy and nursing. The pieces are exceptionally versatile and together form a complete mini-wardrobe for the modern mum.


Boob is launching an exclusive design collaboration with Emma Elwin, stylist and co-founder of the digital fashion magazine, Make it last. The thoughtfully created capsule collection, Emma Elwin x Boob, consists of four timeless pieces: a multi-functional dress/tunic, a wrap top, a T-shirt and a pair of kick flare trousers. The collection is clean and elegant in black and off-white.

Just like the rest of Boob’s collection, all of the pieces have been designed with smart dual functionality for both pregnancy and nursing and are being manufactured with great care for both people and the environment. The garments are being produced in Portugal, from sustainable materials such as organic cotton and lyocell, and certified according to the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

“Just like Boob, Make it last works to inspire choices that are better for the environment and more sustainable for the future. Working with Emma on the Emma Elwin x Boob collection has been an inspirational journey and I’m proud to launch a collaboration that feels so aligned with Boob’s philosophy. Emma bravely embarked on the mission and dared to hold the garments to the same minimalist design as our other collections, but has added an edginess and multi-functionality drawing from her background and experience as both a stylist and mother,” says Mia Seipel, Boob’s founder and creative director.

“When I started working on the collection I was nursing my son Dylan. I wanted to create timeless key pieces that would be the only items one would need during pregnancy and nursing – garments you could wear together and with other wardrobe favorites. I wanted the trousers to be a pregnant stomach-friendlier version of the kind of suit pants that you can wear to work, but which are as comfortable as a pair of pajama pants. The T-shirt works just as well with jeans and sneakers as with the kick flare trousers and a pair of heels. The wrap top was inspired by a aikido jacket and the dress/tunic can be worn in three different ways to produce a lovely silhouette with or without a pregnant belly,” says Emma Elwin, stylist and co-founder of Make it last.
The limited edition collection will be sold exclusively online at, starting on March 1, 2017. The first 50 customers will receive an organic cotton shopping bag with a print specially designed by Emma Elwin at no extra cost.