Sustainability at the heart of Pure Lakes skincare

Pure Lakes has been making award-winning natural and ethical skincare in the Lake District since 2006, building an excellent reputation within the beauty industry and a loyal customer base.

Now owned by Claire and Gareth McKeever, who took over from the founders in 2016, having been fans of the brand for years, it’s making giant steps towards carbon neutrality and placing sustainability at the centre of the brand.

“We put nearly as much effort into what the product is contained in and where it comes from, as we do into the formula’s themselves.” said Gareth. “When we took over Pure Lakes we knew we had really great products, that worked, so we wanted to ensure everything else was the best it could also be.”

They use 100% traceable, natural and biodegradable raw ingredients in their formulas, free from parabens and SLS, which are beautifully packaged in sugar-based biopolymer bottles and transported in recycled wrapping. As well as being kind to sensitive skin types, they value the therapeutic benefits of synthetic-free essential oils.

With sustainability at the heart of the brand’s ethos, they take pride in knowing where everything is sourced, building up strong relationships with their excellent suppliers and offering a refill initiative across their entire range.

The products are all handmade at the Staveley workshop, in small batches to ensure consistent quality and freshness. They celebrate the variations within natural ingredients and appreciate the beauty in their imperfections.

Keen to help provide employment in the area, they are now a team of eleven, all paid fairly and encouraged to work flexibly, making their job work for them rather than the other way around.

Unsurprisingly, given their focus on standards, 26 Pure Lakes products have won prestigious awards and the company recently received a National Recycling Award, recognising their pioneering efforts towards a circular economy.