Style, sustain and save

Innovative brand new service – subscribe for as little as £13 per week, for 60 unique outfits, saving parents at least £200 per size set. No commitments and rent a new or as good as new wardrobe for as long as it fits your little one or suits the season. Enjoy worry free with no implications for adventure induced stains and simply switch to a new wardrobe delivered when your little one is ready. You’ll send the outgrown items back to us via pick up or drop off points and any preloved items are professionally cleaned and sanitised by Lullaloop’s eco laundry partner Oxwash. Each Lullaloop customer not only supports the environment but our charity partner, Malaria Consortium. Each customer provides preventive malaria medication to a child in Africa.

According to environmental charity, Hubbub, an estimated 183m outgrown children’s clothes are sitting in the back of UK wardrobes. Lullaloop’s mission is to increase the lifetime of children’s clothes. If an outfit is worn 50 times instead of 5, it reduces its carbon footprint by 400% (‘Forbes: Making Climate Change Fashionable – The Garment Industry takes on Global Warming’). We re-use items by sustainably cleaning them between homes and once the item can no longer be re-used, we repair or recycle.

Jodie Teare, Founder and Mother of two says; “One of the many challenges in becoming a new parent is figuring out through trial and error what clothes your baby will need. It sounds simple, but until your baby is born you don’t know if they will be in newborn sizing for eight weeks or if it’s straight into 0–3 month clothes. There’s so much that unintentionally goes to waste.”

“With the amount of times I’ve heard parents bemoan the fact that they had only just bought their baby or been gifted a new outfit only for them to grow out of it the next day, it became apparent that there is demand for a more affordable and less wasteful approach to clothing our babies. My own experience with two girls born in different seasons was very little wardrobe share along with very little time to deal with the increasing mountain of wasteful storage bags. The intention behind starting Lullaloop was to not only take one more item off a new parents ‘to-do list’ but to come up with a solution that is kinder to our planet. I believe there is a way we can dress our little ones with style, whilst sustaining the planet and saving our precious time, money and space.”

Lullaloop makes a great gift too with vouchers available for as little as one month to set a parent on their Lullaloop journey. They will never look back. Go to to create an account today or subscribe to find out more.

Together we can protect our planet, one sleepsuit at a time.