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Baby showers have risen in popularity in the UK,  especially as the Duchess of Cambridge became the first royal to ever have one back in 2013. However, whilst the world now awaits news of the Duchess’s third child due in April, the hunt is still on to find classy ways to celebrate the impending arrival and take time out with friends. It is this trend that led Europe’s leading spa agency to introduce baby shower packages as part of its pre-natal spa offering.’s baby shower and babymoon spa breaks have been devised specifically for groups or couples looking to indulge in quality time together before the new baby arrives. Each of the breaks incorporates gorgeous surroundings, good food, and indulgent spa treatments – making it as easy as possible to organise and book. also offers pre-natal spa days just for mums.

Abi Wright, founder of, commented, “Baby showers are tricky things for many British mums to be. We’d like to spend some quality time with friends before the baby is born, but the traditional American baby shower feels a bit naff. A baby shower spa break is the best of both worlds, which is why we’re seeing such a rush of popularity for them. It’s a really elegant way to enjoy lots of pampering and time with the girls, and can even have health benefits for expectant mums.”

Almost all of the pre-natal spa options offered by include a pregnancy massage for the expectant mother. Pre-natal massage can have a number of positive effects on mothers to be, including relieving back pain, promoting sleep and relaxing the muscles. Many treatments also relieve dry and itchy stretched skin, water retention and puffy ankles. Massages are given either with the mother on her side, or using a special massage table with a hole cut out for the bump to slot into.

Although spas are hugely beneficial for mothers to be, certain treatments and facilities are not recommended. These include steam rooms, saunas and hot tubs, as there is a risk of overheating, and certain essential oils as they can cause contractions. Many spas prefer to only conduct massages and reflexology treatments after the first trimester, due to the increased risk of miscarriage during this stage of pregnancy.