Silky Tots – Waging War on Baby Bald Spots and Dreaded ‘Bedhead’


Originating in Australia, Silky Tots was created just over a year ago and has launched a UK website in response to demand from the UK market. The friction of cotton and bamboo sheets wreaks havoc on the little ones’ hair as they sleep, causing knotting and matting which can eventually lead to hair loss for babies and hard to manage hair for older children.


Silky Tot’s exclusive blend using Mulberry silk offers the perfect solution, providing a smooth and frictionless sleeping surface. This innovative fabric boasts a host of additional benefits too, including temperature regulation and hydration, and is ideally suited to babies and children with allergies or sensitive skin as it is both hypo-allergenic and dust mite repellent.

Commenting on the arrival of Silky Tots in the UK, founder and mum of two Nikki Bardis (originally from Glasgow) says,

“Silky Tots was borne out of my desperate search to find a solution to my daughter’s baby balding. I realised silk could be the answer but couldn’t find any sleep-safe products out there so created my own! It all began with the cot slip and has now developed into a full range of products which I am really excited to bring to the UK. I’m from Scotland originally, so it’s like I’m bringing my baby home!”

Eucalyptus fibre​s are also a hidden gem as a bedding fabric.  Eucalyptus has excellent medicinal benefits for those suffering with respiratory issues.  And just like silk, it’s also great at temperature regulating, drawing moisture away from the body, and is both antibacterial and antimicrobial.


It’s the perfect choice for those suffering with allergies or skin issues such as eczema too, as it is both hypo-allergenic​ and dust mite repellent, while also temperature regulating and hydrating.

Silky Tot’s range of bedding products are made in a choice of mulberry silk, or eco-silk, which consists of a mix of mulberry silk combined with eucalyptus fibres.  Mulberry silk is the best quality silk you can buy – it is incredibly durable and has the smoothest fibres.


Silky Tots’ Mulberry silk range includes Bassinet slips (£40), Cot Slips (£55), Fitted Cot Sheets (£110) and Pillow Slips (£45). The pillow slips come in standard pillow sizes, so are perfect for older children and even us adults who are after the anti-ageing benefits of silk pillows.
For parents wanting to do their extra bit for the environment, Silky Tots also offers a range of products made from Eco Silk, a 50/50 combination of Mulberry silk and eco-friendly eucalyptus fibres. Offering the same miracle hair benefits as the pure silk products, the Eco Silk range includes fitted sheets for bassinets (£50) and cots (£90), a multi-surface flat sheet which is perfect for travelling (£59) and a 2-in-1 silk head support (£55), which is suitable for use in baby seats and buggies.