Side-sleeping reduces risk of still-birth

A study by the University of Auckland says that women are four times more likely to have a stillborn baby if they sleep on their back in the last trimester of pregnancy. However, this risk is greatly reduced by sleeping on your side and Little Chick London’s 4-in-1 Support Pillow has been designed to make this a comfortable and safer option for mum and baby alike.

Author of the study, Lesley McCowan explained that when a woman lies on her back in late pregnancy, the weight of the pregnant uterus compresses a big vein in the abdomen called the inferior vena cava reducing the blood going back to the heart and also reducing the supply going back to the womb.

The Little Chick London Support Pillow is designed to contour the shape of the body, gently supporting the tummy and hips when sleeping on your side and preventing this compression.

The super soft 100 percent bamboo cover is naturally anti-microbial and moisture absorbent; and the breathable design allows air flow to help aid temperature control. The highly versatile pillow, not only offers comfort during pregnancy, but also a great back support and can used when baby arrives to support during breast-feeding and to prop baby up during ‘together’ time.