Shape of Summer – get planning

Summer is on it’s way and fashion can be very unforgiving. This month we’re welcoming a panel of experts to give their top tips this summer! If you are left deflated at the news that crop tops are back in, our health and beauty experts will guide you through dressing for summer with their preparation plan:

·     Nutritionist – Kim Pearson

·     Beauty Journalist – Alice Hart Davis

·     Treatments – Surgeon & Cosmetic Dr, Miss Sherina Balaratnam

Whether its stomachs, shoulders or legs on show, a few tactics can make all the difference to your summer wow factor!

Crop tops

Crop tops have become a fashion staple and with so many styles available, you’ll be spoilt for choice! If those extra pounds you’ve gained over the winter months are proving difficult to budge, then read on for some expert advice!


  • Sugar is not your friend: Weight loss is more about WHAT you eat rather than how much.  This means sugar is a big ‘fat’ no for waistlines.  Increased sugar intake promotes an increase in body fat which won’t help you achieve the flat stomach you’re after.


  • Up Your Protein Intake: Ensure you’re eating plenty of good quality protein (fish, seafood, eggs and organic meat). Essential for supporting healthy muscle mass and keeping us satisfied while we shed unwanted body fat.​



  • Turn Up the Heat: Sculpsure, a non-invasive body contouring treatment offers a convenient solution for banishing stubborn body fat to achieve a smooth and sculpted silhouette. Unlike fat freezing, Sculpsure delivers targeted heat energy to break down the fat cells, which is then removed via the lymphatic system. Sculpsure is clinically proven to reduce fat on the flanks or belly by 24% after just one treatment, with no down-time and results seen as quickly as 6 weeks. Sculpsure is available across leading UK skin and laser clinics across the UK. For more information or to find your nearest practitioner visit



  • Cheat a six pack: this is where a spray tan and contouring meet with super slim-line results. It isn’t about creating a gladiator style stomach but softer, more defined curves.  Any air-brush spray on tan consultant will know how to achieve a flatter stomach using a finer spray which creates a toned look in minutes and will last at least a week.  James Read is the king of 3D tanning.
  • You can experience a James Read signature spray tan at the urban retreat at Harrods but many salons and independent consultants are offering this as the best way to short cut to a sunless tan and extra definition.



Kim Pearson (Nutritionist), Alice Hart Davis (Beauty Journalist), Miss Sherina Balaratnam (Surgeon& Cosmetic Dr)