Pregnancy: What should I wear?

When you’re pregnant, deciding what to wear that is both comfy and stylish may not be the main priority on your mind. However, finding outfits that will fit you from one day to the next will help tick one more box off your every day to-do list.

It’s often assumed that pregnancy clothes both during and after you have given birth can’t be both a comfortable fitting and a fashion staple, but this isn’t true! Nowadays, there are a variety of clothing tastes and trends circulating online for those that have a baby on the way – you just need to know where to look.

With this said, our recent Google search data finds that many pregnant women are constantly looking for on-trend outfits to wear while pregnant and what to wear after the baby’s arrival too. With this in mind, we analyse the most commonly searched questions on google regarding pregnancy and what to wear both during and after.

Maternity Wear 

Deciding what outfit is going to fit comfortably and look fashionable for your day to day activities can sometimes be a struggle. Recent Google trends data finds that this phrase has been researched on average 3,429 times per month since the beginning of 2020 in the UK – proving to be a topic a lot of people need some extra advice on.

As for specific types of clothing that are researched, ‘pregnant women dresses’ is the third most common phrase that is searched for on Google in relation to this topic, equating to 886 searches per month since the start of the year. For those that are in need of some dress inspiration, a long floral print maternity jersey style dress sported with a pair of flat black boots is great to going for a bite to eat. For a more casual look, a maternity pinafore dress with a T-shirt underneath and a pair of trainers make for both a cute and comfy look.

Other than dresses, ‘pregnant women’s dresses’ is another general term that accounted for 653 searches per month as of the start of 2020. When you’re in need of a quick and easy look, mom-style jeans and an oversized button shirt is the ultimate go-to. If this isn’t quite your style, buying basics such as leggings or joggers and styling them with a slouchy knit jumper and sandals is a great alternative.

Maternity fashion

Deciding what you’re going to wear both before and after the baby arrives is another thought that appears to be on a lot of people’s minds, with the phrase ‘maternity fashions’  being searched on Google 886 times per month as of the start of the year. Not only that, but ‘when to buy maternity clothes’ is another popular search term on Google, accounting for 323 searches per month since the start of 2020.

While on maternity leave, you’ll need some comfy clothing items and pyjamas to lounge around in and for making those trips out the house. Although these aren’t formal occasions to dress for, feeling good and confident in what you’re wearing even in your own home is important. With this said, investing in a co-ordinated loungewear set with wide-leg trousers, or a stretchy wrap top paired with tie-front leggings, or a pair of 90s style joggers for a retro-spin, are all comfy and stylish alternatives to the plain-old basics you have in your wardrobe.

Post-birth clothing

Other than maternity clothes, figuring out what’s best to wear initially after giving birth can be difficult to determine, and finding a balance between comfort and style may seem almost impossible.

But not to worry. There are plenty of outfit choices for everyone after giving birth. If you’ve been meaning to jump on the trend of oversized, baggy clothing, then now is the time to start. Purchasing oversized tees that pop with colours and patterns will be both comfy and fun. When the colder months approach, knitted cardigans paired with stretchy leggings and comfortable, loose-fitting flat shoes or trainers are common preferences.

Don’t forget pyjamas too. As the winter months approach, treat yourself to a new nursing dress, made with soft prganic cotton material.

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Or a pyjama set with your favourite type of pattern or print on – pyjamas don’t just have to be an old tee and a pair of sports shorts!

Don’t forget to invest in some good nursing bras too – not only really comfortable but stylish and pratical.


Nowadays, there is a huge range of maternity clothes available that are both comfy and stylish. Although fashion might not be your biggest interest right now, treating yourself to a new outfit or two every now and then will help revamp your maternity wardrobe.