Pop My Way – Creative Clothes that Care

Created by London-based mum Sashe Christopher, who brings her fashion credentials with her from Burberry and other luxury brands, Pop My Way is a fun way for parents to add a pop of colour and versatility to babywear. Simply pick a base garment and attach one of the several accessories to it: from a bow tie collar to a peter pan collar and from a bib to a dummy strap.

Pop My Way’s unique collection is both practical and fun – each item comes with resilient poppers, so the accessories can be quickly and securely layered onto the sleepsuits, bodysuits, cardigans and trousers, creating a never-ending array of outfit choices from just a few simple items. In the event of a baby spill, simply whip off the collar and replace it with another one and a lost sock is a thing of the past thanks to the ankle ​poppers on the trousers!


The full range is made from GOTS certified premium pima cotton, which is super-soft and highly resistant to pilling and fading, making it the perfect eco-friendly option as not only is it made with the utmost care for the environment but is also made to last, so items can be passed down to future generations rather than ending up as landfill.