New Year Healthy Eating for babies and children

The start of a New Year always get everyone thinking about healthy eating and especially their kid’s health and nutrition. Encouraging kids to eat healthily can be challenging and the younger you start with good habits so much the better.


Annabel Karmel, a leading baby and children’s expert has published recipe books for years and they’re very much part of the first steps towards weaning your baby. Her recipes are easy to follow and practical, and instantly become part of the weekly routine.



I noticed a new product called Doddle Creation storage pouches which is due to launch soon – they can be used for breastmilk and then for pureed baby food – what a doddle! Such a great idea. Use up that fresh veg and freeze it!



(Photo credit: Doddle Creation)



If your baby has weaned and is onto finger food, I think the Nibbling food placemat makes parent’s life so much easier. Made from Food-Grade silicone, it’s BPA Free and PVC Free. It has moulded compartments allowing parents to separate finger food in a fun way.  The clever design means it has suction pads allowing you to fix it to the table so that it is non-slip and non-spill. It’s amazingly oven-safe as well as being microwave safe and it goes in the dishwasher. Genius! The flat design means that it’s easy to store (place in utensil drawer or cabinet) and is nicely packed, so great as a gift.


(Photo credit: Nibbling UK)

As your child grows, they may start to take an interest in sweet, fizzy drinks. Keep their interest in healthy drinks by making home-made milkshakes. There are so many easy recipes around and by using fresh fruit you can be sure that there is no hidden sugar. They’re also brilliant for kids with special dietary requirements as using simple ingredients like soy milk, coconut milk or rice milk is so easy.  You might want to invest in a milkshake maker that not only works really well and transforms simple ingredients into thick, smooth, fluffy milkshakes but looks good too – I found this elegant design milkshake maker – love it!



(photo credit: Expondo)

Check my competition page for new competitions in January and wishing you a year of healthy and happy eating!