New Peachi Baby nappies spare landfill

Peachi Baby nappy spares 456 single-use nappies from landfill and is less expensive than disposable alternatives

Peachi Baby’s debut collection of luxury bamboo cloth nappies are contemporary, high-quality reusable nappies that are zero-waste. No single-use plastic here.

This debut collection features 10 designs by female artists. The designs are classic, with hand-drawn and painted prints in fresh colours, inspired by a love of nature. Of each inaugural design, there will be only 100 nappies made.

“Our goal is to offer parents everywhere a high-quality nappy for their child that is just as beautiful as it is sustainable,” commented Founder, Rosie Brown. “We are proud to be a female-founded company working with all female artists.”

The Peachi Baby Team consists of passionate female artists who create prints by hand and with love. ​They believe it’s better to have fewer, high quality things and love them well​. This ethos is reflected throughout their  brand and products:

● Each piece is thoughtfully designed, carefully sourced and proudly produced in small batches. Prints are designed to be fresh yet timeless.


● One nappy fits from birth to potty (One-Size-Fits-Most). Switching to cloth full time (birth until 2.5 years old) saves around 1 tonne of plastic waste per child from nappies alone.

● Based on a calculation of 456 wears per nappy (1 being reworn every other day, with 1 day break for washing & drying, for a period of 2.5 years) the cost per wear comes to £0.04. Compare this to the unit price of disposables at ~12p.

● Custom-milled bamboo inserts will get better with age, becoming more absorbent wash after wash, and are kinder on a baby’s skin.

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