New parent vegan meal bundles delivered to your door by PEP KITCHEN

New product bundle from London chef founded and run frozen vegan ready meal brand, PEP Kitchen.

Having launched earlier this year the team have worked with parents to create their perfect new parents’ bundle meaning PEP can help new, or not so new, parents lives just that little bit easier. An option I thought this might be of real interest to your readers?

The bundle contains 14 meals for £70 meaning for just £5 per meal you can ensure you’re eating healthy, veg filled and importantly tasty food in just 10 minutes at any time of the day (or night)

Created by chef founders Ben and Joe who hope these new options will encourage, and allow, people to try PEP’s unique take on vegan frozen ready meals. Inspired by street food from around the world there is absolutely nothing bland about food from the freezer here and delivered by a carbon neutral delivery company, in eco-friendly packaging, customers can simply enjoy embracing convenience and the delicious meals on offer.

Both are incredibly passionate about the ethos behind PEP as well as the reasons for founding an environmentally friendly and vegan brand and with Ben’s own baby on the way later this year the team are keen to ensure the brand helps makes new parenthood as easy as possible.