Women who experience body issues after giving birth, such as a weak core or pelvic floor, weight gain or a gap in abdominal muscles, can now get a unique level of access to specialist, professional guidance online through an updated, medically-approved online exercise programme specifically designed to heal their post-baby bodies.
The new membership site from MUTU System, an award-winning restorative online postpartum exercise and health programme that’s recommended by doctors and pelvic health specialists, will offer members more benefits and features than ever before when it is launched on 11th January 2018.
Founded in 2010 by Wendy Powell Dip PT, an internationally renowned and certified postpartum exercise specialist and mother of two, MUTU System already has more than 40,000 members worldwide. The programme consists of 12 modules that gently restore and strengthen the body after birth to prevent and rectify issues such as a weak pelvic floor and Diastasis Recti. This affects more than half of mothers and happens when the abdominal muscles separate during pregnancy and don’t completely heal by six months or beyond after delivery.
The new programme gives women specialist advice on healing their postpartum bodies, all from the comfort of their own homes. In addition to a series of high-quality coaching videos, workout videos and imagery to guide women through the programme, it also supports women during pregnancy and those who have experienced prolapse.

Wendy Powell explains the wealth of benefits for members: “Not only does the new membership site have a totally new look, with stunning real-time workout videos representing real healthy women of all body types, but we’ve added more incredible added-value features that we know will help our members stay on track and add to their enjoyment and success with the programme. It is now a more personal experience and includes lots of new, interactive video content that will help mums on their journey.”
Those who sign up to MUTU System receive lifetime access to all programme content, including MUTU Mama Connect, a members-only private community and forum that connects with thousands of other mothers around the world, so that members can share their own experiences. Those who sign up to the programme also have direct and personal access to the experienced professionals behind the MUTU System for advice, and will receive regular emails from Wendy Powell offering motivation and accountability as they move through their journey.
Wendy concludes: “MUTU System is a programme that helps women feel better about, and in, their post-baby bodies. As mothers, we have more important things to worry about than the size of our thigh gaps, but all women deserve a body that works – not one that leaks when we laugh or that gives us backache when we lift up our children. A weak pelvic floor and core, a tummy that still looks pregnant or Diastasis Recti, shouldn’t be considered ‘just part of motherhood’. MUTU System has already helped tens of thousands of women worldwide to restore their bodies and their confidence. We’re now excited to launch the latest programme, which will support many thousands more through their journey.”
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