FREE MyBump2Baby App

The new MyBump2Baby app presents thousands of classes, groups, events and businesses to busy parents on the lookout for something within their local area. With an extensive directory, honest parenting blog and selected product reviews, MyBump2Baby are set on becoming the go-to online space for modern parenting. There’s also a unique section where users can follow all of their favourite bloggers within the app and get a notification when they post.


Developed with the aim of providing something new and helpful for the brand’s large, engaged social media following of eager mums and active families, the MyBump2Baby app builds on everything fans love about the online platform. This handy, easy-to-use app provides an array of information with just a few clicks of a mobile device, including an extensive baby and toddler directory filled with groups, classes and businesses. Packed with reviews from the MyBump2Baby community and a reliable events search, there is no better space for busy parents-on-the-go.

“We’ve created the TripAdvisor for the baby and toddler world,” says Carla Marie Lett, MyBump2Baby’s Managing Director. “The company is only a year old, but we’ve already built a directory of over 5000+ handy listings for parents. The new MyBump2Baby app includes so many helpful features, including a one-click call service for listings, directions to our listed businesses and the chance to e-mail directly, ensuring complete connectivity for all our users.”

Whether checking MyBump2Baby’s ever-popular blogger Carla’s latest posts, on the lookout for nearby events or seeking some helpful parenting support, there’s something for every parent to enjoy. The sleek interface and straightforward navigation makes the MyBump2Baby app exceptionally user-friendly, ensuring users can always find what they’re looking for with minimal hassle.

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