Mustela Maternite skincare range now in UK


Skincare experts for babies and expectant mothers for over 60 years, Mustela® has now created a range of seven products especially formulated to provide a targeted response to the changes skin undergoes during and post pregnancy.  Called Mustela® Maternité, the range includes products for stretchmarks (prevention and recovery), itchy skin, heavy legs and skin firming.

The range contains natural active ingredients, including Mustela’s unique Avocado Peptides which are patented and clinically proven to effectively relieve skin discomfort which can be an uncomfortable side effect of pregnancy.  The entire range has undergone rigorous testing protocols which preclude any ingredients which may cause concern when pregnant or breastfeeding.

 Stretch Marks

According to Mustela® research[1], 71% of pregnant women are concerned about stretch marks and around 62% of women use a stretch marks skincare product before and after the birth.  They develop mainly on the abdomen, hips, thighs and breasts and are seen by many women as unsightly and an issue with their relationship with their partner.  In 2014, the company behind Mustela® Laboratoires Expanscience, made a revolutionary discovery about how stretch marks develop, confirming that the alteration of Fibronectin in the dermal matrix can trigger stretch marks.

This discovery offered a new focus for even more effectively combating the appearance of stretch marks and the result is Mustela’s patented active ingredient Galactoarabinan®, which stimulates collagen and elastin which helps the skin to stretch without the resulting stretch

marks.  In the trials, 96%[2] of pregnant women who used the product did not develop stretch marks.

The Stretch Marks Prevention Oil has a fine silky texture and a light floral fragrance.  Research has shown that 98%[3] of women who used it noted improved skin elasticity and resistance to stretching.  Meanwhile, the Stretch Marks Recovery Serum is specially formulated for both recovering and existing stretch marks and contains a combination of natural ingredients to help reduce the visual impact of stretch marks, both in terms of their colour and size.




Skin Comfort

The Mustela® new Maternité range also includes four clinically proven products which offer any expectant or new mum a sense of health, wellbeing and that all-important feel good factor.  The Soothing Moisturising Balm has a creamy texture and is ideal to help alleviate dry and itchy skin, which can flare up during pregnancy as it contains Ceramides which aid hydration.  In fact, 86%[4] of the women who trailed the product said that their itching reduced after using the Soothing Moisturising Balm and they felt much more comfortable.  During pregnancy, weight gain and hormonal changes can also result in a sense of heavy legs – but don’t worry as Mustela® has once again come to the rescue!  The Light Legs Gel combines avocado peptides and menthol extract to soothe, calm, relieve and refresh the skin and in a clinical study carried out in France, 86%[5] of women experienced immediate comfort.

Body Firming

Breasts also undergo many changes during pregnancy.  When they return to their original size after birth, or once breastfeeding has stopped, the skin suddenly relaxes.  The tightening and toning effect of the new Mustela® Bust Firming Serum helps mums to reconnect with their femininity and personal attractiveness.

Mustela® Bust Firming Serum’s exclusive formula contains Centella asiatica & Elastoregulator which helps to maintain firmness and repairs stretch marks, as well as being packed with natural ingredients and is smooth and non-sticky to apply. In tests carried out over a six week period, 91% of women who used the Mustela® Bust Firming Serum’s saw an improvement in skin firmness[6].

Meanwhile, the Body Firming Gel helps to reshape the body, helping to firm up “stretched skin” especially over the tummy area. The Gel also helps to break down any localised fatty deposits.  Like the Serum, the Gel is also smooth and easy to apply and contains natural ingredients, which give a genuine boost to a new mother’s skin after pregnancy. In fact, 89%[7] of women who used the Mustela® Body Firming Gel, noticed firmer skin within a four – eight week period.

Mustela® looks to the plant world to source the main active ingredients that make up its unique products. On average, 92% of the ingredients in Mustela’s range are of natural origin and all products are completely paraben, phthalate and phenoxyethanol free. Mustela’s products are of the highest quality and are guaranteed safe for babies and children.

All products in the range are available in premium pharmacies, visit for your nearest stockist.

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