moKee Free Birth School online!

After 2 successful editions in 2020 with over 1000 participants, moKee understands how challenging it is at the moment for parents-to-be, and has confirmed they are bringing back their FREE birth school online.

Future parents should be excited to meet their baby, and should be enjoying their last weeks of being baby-free. But nothing is quite as it should be right now.

The future has never been more uncertain. This is especially distressful for all mothers-to-be. It’s no longer just about us – it’s all about the baby now.

This is why mokee created moKee Birth School online, as a part of the moKee’s helping mums programme.

The school will be led by the hugely knowledgeable and experienced midwives – Midwife Marley, Sophie Martin, known as The Infertile Midwife and other specialists. It will be exactly what a birth school should be, but online – thus safe.

moKee will cover all the basic topics concerning pregnancy and birth, and will discuss newborn care & breastfeeding.

moKee Birth School will give you the support from professionals and also from your fellow expectant parents.

Classes will take place once a week.

Join the moKee Birth School online, and register here