Modibodi ® Reusable Nappies – positive nappy change


Modibodi ®, is asking you to forget what you know about changing nappies and make a change for the better with reusable nappies.

Did you know that between the ages of 0-3 a child will go through 6,500 disposable nappies, costing you approximately £1,048?  By ditching disposables with Modibodi, parents can save 1 tonne of plastic waste from entering landfill, helping make a change for the planet and wallets.

Coming in a range of vibrant colours and exciting prints, these nappies are easy to wash and comfy to wear, and independently lab tested to be more absorbent than any other reusable nappy.

Key features include:

  • The most absorbent reusable modern cloth nappy available. Laboratory-certified and tested to hold up to 1026ml of fluid with a booster. Super absorbent to lock away fluid, keeping your baby feeling dry and comfortable. 
  • 12hr+ protection – perfect for overnight – so parents and baby get a good night’s sleep.    
  • Made with polybrush; a clever black lining that is moisture wicking, resists stains, repels solids (so they don’t stick) and is soft on delicate baby skin to help avoid nappy rash and irritation.
  • Simple all-in-one design (like a disposable nappy) which makes it super easy to use. One size fits most – adjustable design fits babies from 5kg to18kg. Modibodi’s Reusable Nappy can last for years so can be passed on to friends or family.
  • Modibodi Reusable 4-pack RRP = £75

As parents take steps towards an eco-friendlier lifestyle,  Modibodi is dedicated to making sustainable living that little bit easier.

It’s the simple, everyday things that lead to big change – so why not start with removing single-use nappies?

It’s time to rethink reusable nappies with Modibodi and make a positive change.