Little Jude’s Fruit & Veg Rockets

Jude’s, the British, family owned brand, has been dedicated to crafting the world’s tastiest treats for big kids since 2002. Now that the next generation of little kids are in tow, Jude’s is on a mission to help them eat better and live well.

These new rockets contain no refined sugar, taking their sweetness from fruit and vegetables. Made with 100% naturally sourced ingredients, they are a fun way for children (and parents) to boost their nutrient intake.


The rockets contain less than 32kcal and less than 10% sugar, making them the lowest sugar content frozen treat on the market today. This a whopping 46% below the Public Health England’s (PHE) recommended sugar levels for children’s ice cream products by 2020* and under the recommended sugar levels for yogurts** as part of the Childhood Obesity Plan.


Chow Mezger, MD and Jude’s son, comments:


The Little Jude’s Fruit and Veg rocket Lollies address sugar concerns of parents, with less sugar than your average yogurt. They are also a fun and tasty way for children to get nutrients from fruit and veg, which can often be a challenge! We’re proud to be leading the way and offering parents and kids a delicious, healthier everyday treat.”


Little Jude’s Fruit and Veg Rocket Lollies will be available in 6 x 55ml packs exclusively at Sainsbury’s from May 5th,

priced at £3.50.


* PHE’s recommended sugar content for ice cream products by 2020 is less than 18.6g per 100g. ** The recommendation for yogurts is less than 11g sugar per 100g.