Jolen – The Beauty Essential For Mums To Be!


Pregnancy changes a woman’s body in a lot of different ways. Not only are you growing a little human being inside, but your body is drastically changing on the outside as well. One of the side effects of pregnancy can be the fast growth of body and facial hair, a result of the oestrogen peak in the third semester.

Oestrogen hormones are known to make hair grow faster and hair can also start to appear on your face and belly. Instead of waxing and depilatories, try Jolen Creme Bleach – which is a gentle alternative. Bleach your body and facial hair with Jolen’s Mild Creme Bleach Formula when pregnant. This contains antiseptic properties of Aloe Vera which means even the most sensitive areas of the face and body can be treated. Lighten body and facial hair in less than 10 minutes with Jolen!
RRP:£4.35 available from Boots