How to store toys in your home

Having children means accumulating toys and kids stuff, and before you know it, every corner of the house is home to something cuddly or bright. Nöa & Nani has a great range of storage solutions for all toy overflow worries, from neutral toy boxes and cube storage to highsleeper beds built from solid wood; Nöa & Nani’s long-lasting yet stylish storage solutions are the perfect option for keeping things tidy at home.

Providing helpful tips and advice, Kris Tolofson Co-founder and Director of Nöa & Nani, offers insight into choosing the perfect storage solution:

Day Beds

“Day beds with pull-out storage are a great way to store toys without taking up more floor space. It keeps the room neat and tidy, creating a larger space for children to play. The Oda Day Bed is the perfect option for those who want to get more out of their space, with the choice of integrated storage or a pull-out second bed – ideal for sleepovers!

When space is limited, the Una Highsleeper Bed is great for creating more space for children to play, whilst providing an exciting place to sleep.”

Toy Boxes

“Toy boxes have become more and more versatile as the demand for an aesthetic interior increases. Nöa & Nani has storage solutions that will blend seamlessly with existing home décor schemes. Neutral options like light wood or white designs will match a range of contemporary colourways, whilst a vibrant pink toy box will add a playful pop of personality.

For those in need of a multi-purpose solution, the Lola Toy Box in Silk Grey is perfect for playtime. After all the toys are put away, the lid can be shut and the top used as bench seating.”

Storage Units

For homes with dedicated playrooms, toy storage units work well for organisation. The cube storage unit offers a myriad of storage spaces, housing toys of all shapes and sizes – it can also be adapted for shoes, books and games. By opting for storage boxes to sit inside the unit in colourful designs, you can easily sort out and categorise toys for a seamless playtime. The cube design adds a fun accent, allowing children to display all of their toys whilst keeping the room tidy at the same time.”

Offering an extensive range of storage solutions at affordable prices, Nöa & Nani provides peace of mind to parents struggling to find attractive yet practical ways to store their child’s toys.