hotMaMa – new maternity brand

This brand caught my eye with some striking designs for their maternity and nursing wear – creating clothes that are really practical but look great when you wear them too. I had a chat with Sophie Wilding, designer and founder of new British brand, hotMaMa:

“I knew I wanted to breastfeed my son before he was born and once he arrived I encountered frustration at every turn. Even my clothing was also an unexpected challenge. To me, most of the current market for nursing clothes felt dull or mumsy, often still aimed at heavily pregnant women and which I would have never ordinarily glanced twice at, so why should I be forced to wear them now? For me: Mums. Aren’t. Boring. Neither should their clothes be.  Not only did I dislike a lot of the existing clothes, but many seemed impractical: composed of plain, dark coloured fabrics which I soon realised common milk stains were glaringly obvious on.

I’m a full time mum for my little boy and run hotMaMa from my home in Cambridgeshire, England. I started hotMaMa to offer mums clothes that are practical, stylish, affordable and that they will love wearing through their breastfeeding experience and beyond. At present the range consists of stylish breastfeeding tops designed by myself, with the aim to expand to dresses soon.  It is hotMaMa’s exciting prints which really differentiate it from current nursing options and make them incredibly practical too!  While the tops are designed for breastfeeding women, not pregnant women, the use of stretchy jersey fabric ensures they are still appropriate for evolving post-pregnancy bodies.  All of the garments are also manufactured in the UK.”