Hello Mum – new baby gifts

Love this new mum and daughter duo who have created a new baby gift brand called ‘hello mum’. Ann and Jane Armstrong are a London based mother and daughter team working together to establish their new baby gift brand and so far they have created a beautiful collection of baby clothes – a delightful gift for new mum and her newborn baby.

The gift box contains nine uniquely designed items of baby clothing all made from a soft, rich cotton. The garments will suit both baby boys and girls and are sized 0-3 months. What is really different about this brand is that in the box there is a unique heartwarming ‘hello mum’ letter from baby to mum (written by Ann) which will bring a smile and perhaps a tear to mums eye. All made in Great Britain, HelloMum think their garments are stylish, comfortable and practical, each presented in a bespoke presentation gift box.

“We think our original ‘hello mum’ design with our cute tortoise logo will appeal to the modern fun loving mum who appreciates something a little different and who likes the fact that her baby’s clothes have been manufactured responsibly in Great Britain” says Jane. Find HelloMum at hello-mum.co.uk