The Little BearCub

Spotted! Just love this new range of Easter Bunnies from The Little BearCub Co, a small, independent interiors brand based in Kent, created after founder Charlie left her job in the fashion industry to pursue a better work/life balance.


The Little BearCub Co. has set out to offer handcrafted products that not only tick the boxes for today’s modern family life but also provide good design with a modern aesthetic by adopting their staple monochrome colour palette, bold prints and playful detailing. Their mantra is

‘Created for the modern family, designed for the modern mini.’

They aim to create design led, practical products for Mum’s and Dad’s with little ones in mind, endeavoring to produce products that not only look beautiful in your home, or on the go, but also provide the necessities of day-to-day life with little ones. Whether you’re a stay at home Dad, a working Mum or parents just trying to get through day-to-day family life, they’ve got you covered.

The Little BearCub Company have launched their limited edition Easter plushie, Beauie the Bunny. Not only a perfect alternative to sugary Easter treats, it’s also a great way to encourage little ones to engage in creative play. The plushie also features the Minny Moon, monochrome print from The Little BearCub Company’s print collection and every plushie is crafted by hand, each one as unique as the last.