This October, a week before her son’s first birthday, first time personal development author Lauren Malone will launch her new book, The Expecting Entrepreneur.

The Expecting Entrepreneur is for ambitious women who want to make an impact in their lives and businesses, whilst navigating pregnancy and early motherhood.

The book acts as a guide for women in how to develop the mindset of success to create a self-starting business while they make their journey into the next important stage of their lives.

When Lauren started her own business in early 2019 she Googled ‘how to start a business when pregnant’…and the answers she got? ‘Don’t do it!’

That was when she decided she was going to do it and she was going to write a book in order to disprove this outdated view. The result is that she has done it!

The Expecting Entrepreneur wonderfully brings her story to life while showcasing the powerful tips and tools needed to develop a positive mindset for success.

Lauren uses her expert knowledge and training in NLP, coaching, hypnosis and TimeLine Therapy™ along with some shared stories of becoming a mother and having a business from other highly successful female entrepreneurs.

Lauren says “I am absolutely thrilled and tremendously excited to be releasing this book. It is one of many labours of love I have worked on over the last 12 months.

I am not suggesting every woman quits their job and starts a business moments after they see the positive line on the pregnancy test appear.

However, I am advocating that every woman should be able to start a business and change the course of their life, if they wish, without the negativity or judgement that is unfortunately still all around us. We can turn our dreams into a reality and motherhood isn’t about changing that story but becomes an integral part of it. I am not suggesting it is an easy choice to make, but with the right mindset, any difficulties and challenges can be overcome.”

Available in all major online retailers.