DearBump: pregnancy subscription service making a difference

DearBump is a beautifully thoughtful new subscription service that is fully catered towards pregnant women and new-mothers. 

All of the brands carefully curated boxes offer gorgeous gifts, self-care essentials and treats for mothers in need of a little boost. With DearBump’s standard monthly subscription, you can receive a beautiful box, brimming with goodies every 28 days.

Each and every box has been designed with each stage of pregnancy in mind. Whether it’s nourishing skincare, educational books or yummy treats, the DearBump boxes are positively packed with little luxuries. 

DearBump also offers a monthly subscription of their DearMama boxes. Similar to the DearBump boxes, these packages have been filled with all sorts of gifts and goodies to help new mothers acclimatise into their new journeys. 

The brand also offers the opportunity to completely customise a box, specifically for gifting! You can create lots of different thoughtful gifts, from ‘Morning Sickness Care Packages’ to the ‘Baby Shower Gift Package’. 

These boxes can be completely personalised, so you can choose the lovely gifts that your friend or family member will enjoy the most. 

DearBump also offer a bespoke, cooperate maternity wellbeing programme. The brand partner with companies in the UK with the higher rates of employee engagement to provide a holistic wellbeing programme that combines wellbeing checks with gift packages for employees becoming new parents. 

The programme is all about encouraging employees and helping them feel supported and valued in the workplace. When starting parental leave, many employees feel isolated from their workspaces. 

And in fact, over 90% of mothers returning to work after leave claim they had no formal support programme to help them ease back into working life. DearBump is fighting to change this. Currently, Dearbump’s cooperate programme is in its crowdfunding stages and it is now that Emma is asking for our help to help other women like herself. 

She wants to encourage employers to use her programme to look after their expecting staff, as well as the new mums returning to work. She wants to expand Dearbump into being a useful and comforting resource for everyone who needs it – while educating others in the process.