Cyberjammies Celebrate 20th Anniversary – 20% off

To celebrate 20 years of Cyberjammies, get 20% off all day online – use code CJ20.

Mark Tweed, UK Sales Director at Cyberjammies comments:

“On Friday 11th June 2021 Cyberjammies will reach a special milestone.  The brand we have worked so hard to develop and grow will reach its 20th Anniversary.  No small achievement in a retail world that has changed so much in that time.

We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved to date.  Not only has the brand survived in an increasingly challenging environment, but it has also thrived!  We’ve never been stronger, or more confident in the direction we are heading.

A few simple factors to that success have been:

A constant and unwavering drive to improve our product and put ourselves in our customers shoes.  Both B2B and B2C.

A thirst to learn and push ourselves outside our comfort zone.

Maintaining a strong set of values throughout, to do the right thing, both for our customers and our teams.

I’m confident, as we continue to focus on these three key elements, we will be able to adjust and grow no matter what the changing environment throws at us! 

Happy 20th Anniversary Cyberjammies!”

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