Craving – eating well throughout your pregnancy

This is such a refreshing book! There are so many do’s and don’ts when it comes to pregnancy that at first it can seem incredibly scary, confusing and overwhelming – you’re told so many things you can or can’t eat; like not eating soft cheese, stay away from nuts and prawns, don’t drink tea or coffee – it can be mind-blowing!

Sandra Mahut’s Craving: How to eat well throughout your pregnancy is designed to give you practical  information as well as some gorgeous, nutritious and pregnant-friendly recipes that will help satisfy cravings without you having to worry that it could be harmful to you and the baby.

Split into trimesters Sandra’s recipes are tailored for different stages of pregnancy. In your first trimester, tackle morning sickness with Sandra’s Anti-nausea Breakfast of Ginger yoghurt with cardamom and honey and face your fatigue head-on with a snack of Pear, Apple or Lemon compote with a Ginger and lemon tea. In your second trimester feed your appetite, fuel your sudden energy burst and consume plenty of calcium and vitamins with dishes like Salmon teriyaki with roasted sweet potatoes, Almond muffins with dried apricots and Banana milk.  And in your third trimester enjoy pro-digestion recipes like Crumbed haddock with herbs, cherry tomatoes and steamed courgette. There’s even a whole chapter dedicated to cravings so you can indulge on foods like Chocolate fondant cake, Chicken burger with parmesan and yoghurt sauce and Mushroom, mozzarella and kale pizza without feeling guilty.

Packed full of tips for tricky situations, advice on recommended intakes, adopting good habits and debunking myths, Craving is the must-have guide for expectant mums.


Photography by Emile Guelpa.

Craving by Sandra Mahut (Murdoch Books, £14.99).