Claudia Fallah’s Cover Rescue

Cradle cap can be a worrying time for any parent – not knowing what to apply for the best. We have heard amazing results by Claudia Fallah who we caught up with and in her own words told us how her product has helped:

“A few weeks ago I was contacted by one of my clients about her 4-week-old daughter’s skin condition. Her mother emailed me the pictures of her daughter and she did not know what to do about this condition and if I could help.

She said she had been to see her GP who could not help. Once I had seen the pictures, I knew instantly what her little girl suffered from. It is Cradle Cap, which is a yellowish, patchy, greasy, scaly and crusty skin rash that can occur on the scalp of newborn babies. I must say the pictures looked like is was a very serious case of cradle cap, since the condition was spread across the whole face and her body, but I kept quiet in order to not worry my client.



I advised my client never ever to pick the crusty patches and try applying some organic coconut oil. I told her to not worry and that I would visit her the next day.I decided that I would take a Cover Rescue Night, with me since this particular natural/organic product has been designed for redness, irritation, open bleeding and weeping skin.

We have been using Cover Rescue in the clinic for many years with great success for severe skin reactions and conditions. I was very happy to help my youngest client ever, the cradle cap was so severe that it had spread over the entire face. I (with the mother’s consent) decided to apply Cover Rescue Night on all the areas that were very red and patchy.

Whilst we had a coffee, the red marks had already disappeared and even I could not believe how fast Cover Rescue Night performed with this particular skin condition, as I know how difficult this condition is to deal with. It’s every mother’s nightmare!



I told the mother to apply the Cover Rescue also onto any scabs that were coming off and to protect the skin that’s open and bleeding from being infected in order to stop scar tissue.  I received more pictures the following day from a now not so worried mummy, showing me how the condition had improved dramatically.

A week later the little baby girl’s skin looked amazing and we continued happily after and mummy is showing her baby girl off by taking lots of happy pictures.

As a result of this outcome we are now contemplating medical testing on this particular product”


Claudia Fallah’s Cover Rescue is available from AMAZON LUXURY BEAUTY cover_rescue_night-30ml_and_carton-web_494_956