Children and Parents Get More Sleep with Zazu

Following World Sleep Day just last week, Cheeky Rascals have unveiled the results of an international study which found that ZAZU’s iconic SAM the Sleeptrainer, gives parents and children an average of 45 minutes extra sleep per day.

Cheeky Rascals is committed to sourcing innovative, practical and truly unique baby and nursery products from around the world, helping to make family life that little bit easier. Every parent can picture being woken at 6am by an energetic toddler who is ready to start the day, when there is no need to get up for another hour…..this is where ZAZU’s SAM the Sleeptrainer comes to the rescue.

A recent study amongst families from the UK, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Australia, demonstrated that sleeptrainer SAM from ZAZU gives on average 45 minutes of extra sleep per day. Sleeptrainer SAM shows children, who don’t know about time yet, when it is time to sleep, by closing his eyes at night time, and opening them in the morning when it is OK to get up.

The research showed it took only 3 days on average for children (age 2-7) to understand the full concept of the sleeptrainer of ZAZU. In the 2 weeks-test period 100% of the parents experienced more sleep and on average they woke up at their preferred time 5 out of 7 days of the week.  Parents furthermore indicated that the extra sleep made them feel a lot fitter during the daytime.

World Sleep Day raises awareness about the benefits of sleep which is crucial for proper growth and development of children and is crucial for their parents too. With a little bit of extra sleep, the whole family can have much more fun and Cheeky Rascals is delighted to bring this pioneering brand to the UK.