British Botanical Essentialle launches

Essentialle is an all-natural, high performance skincare range, masterfully curated to repair, nourish and hydrate the skin. Inspired by the abundance of medicinal herbs and plants of Northern Russia, Karina Krishtaleva created Essentialle for the discerning woman, who is looking for products with integrity and depth. Containing only the highest quality plant oils and actives sourced from nature’s finest – with a proven record of safety and efficacy – this luxury, results driven range has been designed to address all skin concerns and improve its overall health, texture and tone. Exquisite aromatic oils, rare and sometimes surprising plant extracts and sophisticated actives are meticulously blended, working synergistically to activate the skin and elevate the beauty ritual. All products are proudly designed and made in small batches – for optimum efficacy and potency – in Britain. The collection is launching with three vegan oils that address various skin ailments

REMEDY MULTI-ACTIVE RE-BALANCING FACE OIL: For oily or problem skin (£62/50ml)

This 100% natural, dermatologically tested lightly moisturising oil offers a gentle cocoon that purifies, calms and corrects, to reveal a clear, fresh and healthy complexion.

REVIVAL NECTAR NOURISHING FACE OIL: For dry or lack-lustre skin (£70/50ml)

This 100% natural restorative and beautifully aromatic oil delivers a penetrating treatment that rehydrates and plumps, to reveal a rejuvenated, radiant and youthful complexion.

ELASTICITY BOOST TONING FACE OIL: For dehydrated or sagging skin (£65/50ml)

This 100% natural ultra-conditioning oil is packed with a powerhouse of actives that hydrate, strengthen and repair, to reveal a defined, plumped and firm complexion. It’s also perfect for reducing stretch marks and uneven skin tone.