Breastfeeding in Perfect Harmony

The world leading breastfeeding brand, Medela, has launched Harmony Flex, a manual breast pump with a difference. Featuring the brands latest Flex™ technology, the redesigned pump not only offers further comfort and ease for the user but is clinically proven to produce 11% more milk. 

Perfect for occasional expressing, the Harmony Flex is ideal for discreet pumping on the go and for those ‘just in case’ moments. The pump is super lightweight, making it ideal for travel or great to keep in your changing bag, whilst the ergonomic handle makes it easy and efficient to use at any time. Consisting of only six parts, the Harmony Flex requires minimal accessories so is easy to assemble and clean, enabling mums to express whenever and wherever they may be.

The latest Flex™ technology developments means the breast shield has been completely redesigned, offering a unique oval-shape for a better fit that can be rotated 360°. Perfect for supporting all mum’s varying shapes and sizes, the new design also reduces pressure and allows the milk to flow more freely. Thanks to the thoughtfully designed soft and flexible rim, it also provides a comfortable and effective seal.   

Alongside this, the pump also features the brand’s iconic, researched-based 2-Phase Expression Technology. Simulating the natural infant sucking behaviour at the mother’s breast, the pump mimics the way baby feeds, optimising milk output.

If mums expressing needs are minimal, the Harmony Flex will be a great support, but it can also be used alongside one of the brands iconic electric pumps to support mums changing demands.

Medela’s Marketing Manager, Charlotte Price, commented:

‘We’re delighted to see the launch of the Harmony Flex, completing the Flex™ breast pump range. We know that manual pumping has such an important role in a mother’s breastfeeding journey as it’s ideal for those experienced with pumping and occasional users alike. The Harmony Flex really stands out amongst other manual pumps due to its Flex™and 2 phase expression technology, mums are sure to get great results in very little time.’