Belt up with SHOFT – a family car safety must-have

Keep the whole family safer when travelling with SHOFT – an innovative seatbelt clip that helps keep your seatbelt in place, especially useful for wriggly kids and really good for pregnant bumps too.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) state seat belts should ‘be worn as tight as possible with no slack’ and ‘the lap belt should go over the pelvic region, not the stomach’.

SHOFT’s innovative design solves this problem with a simple wrap which attaches directly to the seat belt. SHOFT is a small palm-sized product designed by back specialists to keep the slack out of the seat belt by turning it into an ‘anti- slouch’ device.

By keeping out the usual slack that creeps into our seatbelts, SHOFT helps to keep both driver and passengers (including children) in a better and potentially safer seated position. And with poor posture in cars identified as a major cause of back pain, SHOFT also helps to solve a problem that nearly all of us will have to deal with.

The innovative simple design invented by Dr Graham Cox and his father Ronald, is made from a specially designed recyclable soft material that fits by slipping over the top of your car seat belt tongue (that’s the bit you grab every time you buckle up).

How does it work?
SHOFT has a specifically designed built-in ‘brake pad’ made of a secret formula called GRIPteneTM, that engages the seat belt webbing across the lap portion when you buckle up and this helps to resist slack creeping into the lapbelt.

SHOFT only affects the lap section of the seat belt, so the occupant can lean
forwards in the seat to reach around the cockpit as normal. Adding SHOFT to your vehicle can help you comply with RoSPA guidelines and will help ensure your seat belt is optimally positioned every mile of your trip.

As one UK motoring editor said after trying it:

“SHOFT should be fitted to every seatbelt… it’s a no-brainer”

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