ACAI Activewear: perfect for new mums

Developed over many years by designer Kasia Bromley, Acai Activewear is the culmination of dedicated research on what women need from contemporary and fashionable active apparel wear. As a long term fitness fanatic, runner and fashion designer, Kasia felt that the sportswear available for women was rarely flattering and comfortable at the same time. So she decided to do something about it, and Acai was born. Acai Activewear incorporates a variety of elements to create the best apparel for women. This includes a focus on cut and fit, to make women look and feel great in their clothes, and attention to the technical and functional details of the apparel, so that they are consistently comfortable while being active. Through extensive and creative prototypes they have been able to perfect the fit, so that their clothes complement the female form, without losing any of the practicality of the garments.

We caught up with Kasia to explore how and why she developed the brand:

How has having a baby changed you Kasia?

Having a baby is a life changing experience. It has not only changed me as a person but also as a designer. My body perception has changed completely and confidence has definitely dropped.It is so important to feel good in the clothes that you are wearing and, as much as your confidence comes from within, the clothes play a big part in making you feel the brilliant YOU.

What challenges have you faced as a new mum?

Now, when you are a mum, especially a new mum, there are so many things that restrict you from wearing the beautiful clothes you used to wear and have always loved – and one of them is the way the clothes function. How many times have you put on a fresh outfit and your baby’s food spilled all over it? I catch myself thinking that it’s not worth wearing my nice clothes because there is a good chance they will get ruined.

So how have you incorporated this into your designs?

We’re about giving you the confidence and making you feel beautiful and feminine. This is why I have designed the outdoor skinny trousers. This sleek and stylish piece not only has a water repellent finish but you can also easily wipe them clean with a damp cloth and they will dry in seconds. I wear these trousers to meetings, to the office and then straight out for a dog walk. The skinny fit and strategically placed panels create a very flattering and contemporary look whether you wear them with wellies, trainers, walking boots or heels.

The side pockets on the leggings are there so you can slide your phone in during working out and is also very handy when you are holding your baby in one hand and feeding him/her with the other hand.

What makes ACAI so different from other brands then?

I strongly believe that combining function, comfort as well as style is uber important and this is what ACAI is about. Each collection is about providing these three magic features: performance, comfort and style without compromising on any one value. Versatility and the simple styling of the clothes is also hugely important so you can go about your daily business straight after or before your work out.

As a new mum and an entrepreneur I understand just how little time we have to get ready in the morning and complete lack of time during the day to change your outfit.  That’s why it is so important to me to put an outfit on in the morning that makes me feel feminine and confident and that will take me through the day and the vast variety of activities I embark on each day.

And a last word?

That’s just what happens to us mums, we forget to look after ourselves because we put our children and family first. We are left with very little time for ourselves and my mission is to keep creating clothing that adjust to our busy lives and make us feel sexy and feminine.”

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